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not sure if people still read this community, but i'd like to try out… - Fucking Shit Up [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Bitch Slut Club

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[Nov. 17th, 2004|01:27 am]
The Bitch Slut Club
[mood |awake]

not sure if people still read this community, but i'd like to try out anyway!

1. Name: Laura
2. Age: 20
3. Sex: Definitely

Virginity? Where'd you leave yours? In the backseat of a car with some guy at a fucking rodeo!
Just how slutty are you? I lost count when I ran out of fingers and toes to count on
Any STD's? Amazingly, no. I once thought I had one but it turned out to be thrush lol
What's the highest number of boyfriends/girlfriends you've had at once? Only 3. As for 'casual sex friends'...
What's your sluttiest story? I once had lesbian sex (strap-on included) with a girl from work in a spa infront of 6 other people and a video camera... and once at a party I gave a guy a blowjob then kissed his brother 5 minutes later

Have you ever slapped someone? Hard? Just for looking at you in a way you didn't like? I've slapped a number of people at work, all for different reasons. I've pushed them into tables, too
How long are your nails? Long, pink, and plastic
Are you friends with the "right" people? My best friends are some of my city's top DJ's, MC's, and nightclub owners. I only hang with the "right" people
Have you ever stolen anything? Like your best friend's man? If stealing boyfriends was an arrestable offence, I'd be doing time. LOTS of time
Best example of you being a bitch: I spread a rumour around highschool that this girl had genital warts, she transferred schools because of it

Cheating turning down a good opportunity that comes along would only be cheating yourself
Stealing want. take. have.
Trash talking whether its behind their back or to their face, im a professional
Bitch slapping fun fun fun
Ugly people fine, as long as they stay out of my path of vision
Indecent exposure depends. flashing my boobs out the car window at traffic - fun. old guy flashing his willy at school kids - not so good.

Submit at least two pictures. One should be of you in your bitchiest, haughtest, sluttiest pose.

and last but not least... i know the rules said no nudity, so here's a censored pic of me in all my australian glory

From: the_flesh
2004-12-22 09:14 pm (UTC)


+ Thrush.

Bitchslutclub isn't really fully functional. We had to like, go to college. But, whatever, feel free to post your damn bitchslut stories.
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